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St Lucia Sea Life

SeaLife in St Lucia ( See this amazing Video Clip)

On either the St Lucia Day Tour or the Sunset Cruise,  it is extremely likely we’ll see some sea life. St Lucia is a diving paradise. The island is at the tip of an underwater volcano where both beginner and experienced divers alike will enjoy the stunning variety of coral, sponge and marine life. Artificial reefs have developed around a number of sunken ships which have become home to huge gorgonians, black coral trees, gigantic barrel sponges, purple vase sponges and black lace corals. Exciting Caribbean diving trips will reveal turtles, nurse sharks, seahorses, angel fish, and golden spotted eels, to name but a few, among the dazzling cross section of Caribbean marine life. When our St Lucia Boat Tours stop for swimming and Snorkelling at Anse Cochon Bay ( Bay of Pigs!) we’ll be seeing all manner of pretty amazing marine life, Trumpet Fish , Sergeant Majors, Angel Fish , Parrot Fish, Barracuda, Seahorses and all manner of other tropical fish and shellfish.

Dolphins & Whales

Anyone who has ever been snorkelling or scuba diving will tell you the same. Fish are as curious about us (they are in their own habitat after all) as we are about them. With this in mind it is no surprise that our whale and dolphin watching tours are so well attended by both tourists and the incumbent attractions . . . whales and dolphins!

We are spoiled for choice in the Caribbean as there are over thirty species of whales and dolphins. Dolphins (don’t they always look like they are smiling?) love nothing more than to showcase their acrobatic skills in our boats wake. Whales, well, they are far too big and busy for such acrobatics, but you will never forget the first time you hear one clear its blowhole with an almighty whoosh before majestically slipping beneath the waves with its huge flukes (often called the hand of God), signalling a final farewell.

You won’t always see whales on the Endless Summer Boat Tours but almost every St Lucia Day Sail turns up some Dolphins playing along in the Cats wake or jumping in and around the prow. Don’t ever forget your cameras!


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