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Endless Fun Aboard Endless Summer

By MICHAEL | In Associates | on September 29, 2013

St. Lucia is a beautiful and intriguing island and one of the best ways to enjoy all that she has to offer is by joining a tour aboard the Endless Summer. The catamarans, operated by Endless Summer Cruises, are all spacious and comfortable, just suited for a relaxing day on the water.

The sail from the north of the island to the historical town of Soufriere passes many interesting sites. The two fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries are tucked into quiet little bays of river valleys. The stone churches can easily be seen from the sea as a stoic symbol of the island’s early colonisation. The brightly painted boats placidly lolling upon the sands are evidence of St. Lucia’s diverse culture. In between the settlements are lovely coastal views, the island’s verdant foliage dotted with bright blossoms and impressive cliff faces that drop into the sea. As breathtaking as the views are on the way, the first glimpse of the Pitons is awe-inspiring. These two peaks rise sharply and dramatically from the sea’s surface.

Upon arriving in Soufriere, buses are ready to take you on a tour of the town and surrounding attractions. The Waterfalls are beautiful and contain an amalgamation of minerals that is great for feeling younger and relieving the aches of arthritis. The path to the falls is lined with a variety of tropical flora, labeled for easy identification.

The Sulphur Springs at the drive in Volcano are mystic pools of dark, boiling waters, a vent for the volcano that lies beneath. The steam escaping from this caldera prevents the build up of pressure needed for more violent volcanic activity. Thus, St. Lucia has not had a major eruption for over forty thousand years.

Nearby an old Estate holds a lesson in history and the production of cocoa. After a brief tour, the luncheon buffet of local Creole cuisine beckons.

During the return trip to the north, the music aboard includes lively reggae and spurs on the party atmosphere. A stop at Anse Cochon for swimming and snorkeling only adds more fun to the day! Afterwards, a quick detour into the beautiful picture perfect Marigot Bay, the location of several films, leaves you with many enthralling mental images of this beautiful island.

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