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Praise for Endless Summer Cruises

By MICHAEL | In Davy Jones Locker | on March 12, 2013

“We would also like you to convey our best wishes to your friend at Endless Summer. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and were extremely impressed by all facets of our trip. The crew were very professional and everything ran with military precision.The young lady who was in charge did a great job announcing , serving at the bar and keeping everything flowing at just the right pace.” – Paul & Bernadette

“I was extremely happy that you advised us to take a catamaran cruise. It was always on my agenda but your recommendation confirmed it. It was a cruise I will always remember and credit must be given to the wonderful crew of Endless Summer, particularly the young lady who ended up as our chief guide. Everything was spot on at all the various sites and the organization could not have been better. Kudos to the Endless Summer crew.

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