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The Wedding
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A Day to Remember
The Wedding Cruise

Imagine all your guests arriving one sunshine filled morning at Rodney Bay Marina Docks, happy, chattering and full of anticipation for a great day. Does this beat a cold gray morning back home? You bet! Once on board the happy throng are greeted by the Endless Summer Crew, supplied with coffee and croissants and settle down to await the Groom. The Groom arrives supported by his best man and friends from home and they jump aboard ready for the off. The Bride ? Well she’s lying in wait further down the coast! A couple of hours later the large St Lucia Catamaran “Sunkist”slips into “Hurricane Hole” better known as Marigot Bay. Making the dockside at Discovery in good time the “ship’s company” are suddenly drawn to a flash of white on the shore and sure enough, accompanied by her proud Dad is the blushing Bride, radiant and waiting for her husband to be. The wedding planners have skillfully arranged for this to happen seamlessly and without any fuss or delay the registrar is also there to perform the ceremony. The crowd wait quietly, some on the boat leaning on the rail and some on the shore but as the registrar pronounces the happy couple “Man and WIfe” a roar goes up from the previously silent dock. With everyone safely back on board the crew break open the champagne, rum punch and unveil the on board buffet as the Cat slips away down the coast to find a quiet beach for some post ceremony fun and games. After an afternoon filled with swimming. jumping in the sea. walking the plank, sipping cool libations and sampling some scrumptious fare the party arrives back at Rodney Bay in perfect time for the Bride and Groom to toast their new life against the ever inspirational sea and a backdrop of orange and gold sunset.

This kind of Private Boat Charter is something the Endless Summer team excel at and they will ensure a St Lucia Boat Trip with a difference

Christmas Fun
The Office Party

Its a week or so before the holidays begin and everyone is getting more and more in the mood. Every year the office party gets more and more boring as the staff bring some food and drinks, turn the phones off and dance to the ever present MP3 player boosted by some big ass speakers Terence brought in the day before. No this year it’s different. The staff all agreed to do something together a little more memorable. Endless Summer provided the answer. At 5pm on the appointed day everyone downed tools promptly and made their way to Windjammer Landings where Sunkist, one of the Endless fleet was waiting for them. They set sail at 5.30pm and out into the bay as the sun was just beginning its nightly dive into the ocean. Spread out for all to enjoy were mini pizzas, chicken wings and dips, meatballs, Rotis, Crudites, Cold Pitons, Campari, Rum Punch, Wine and a DJ armed with his computer and the same big ass speakers. Good food, good fun, good company and a great evening. Do it again next year!

Planning an event and think that Endless Summer Cruises could be the answer to a perfect Day?

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